THE EUROPOL PLATFORM FOR EXPERTS (“EPE”) is a Europol, not public, space dedicated to the facilitation of contact between experts in different fields from law enforcement agencies and, when it is appropriate, from private industry and academia.



Usage of the EPE

  • You are responsible for the content of your posts and the actions that you perform when contributing on the EPE.
  • You are responsible to keep your posts up to date and delete outdated or irrelevant content.
  • You have the duty to flag content that you identify as inappropriate.
  • If you have reason to suspect that there has been a breach of security, you must immediately report to the Platform Manager at Europol (please click on contact on the bottom of each page)
  • You are responsible for the proper use and protection of your EPE login credentials.
  • You use the EPE only within the scope of permissions and rights allocated to the role that will be assigned to you.
  • You accept to inform Europol of any changes affecting your access settings e.g. no longer in law enforcement.
  • Europol is making available this platform in furtherance of its tasks and objectives. Europol expressly disclaims any liability (whether contractual or non-contractual) including without limitation intellectual property infringement, civil and criminal law. This exclusion of liability extends to direct and indirect damages, loss of information or data or other financial loss also in connection with the usage of the platform.
  • You accept to comply with the following general security measures:
    • All workstations used to access the portal:
      • shall be secured from unauthorised entry through the use of appropriate technical identification and authentication mechanisms;
      • shall provide protection from malicious software through the use of regularly updated anti-virus and anti-spyware software;
      • shall be secured with a password protected screensaver, with an automatic activation feature set or manually activated when the station is left unattended;
      • shall have its operating system regularly updated and patched;
    • Users shall use a regularly updated and patched Web Browser to access the portal.
    • You accept not to reveal the IP address or the URL of the portal.
  • The user is responsible for the proper use and protection of the EPE login credentials. In particular, the user shall:
    • not disclose his or her login credentials to any other party;
    • not allow another party to use his or her login credentials;
    • not use the login credentials of another user;
    • not attempt to discover any other user’s login credentials; and
    • immediately report the compromise, whether suspected or otherwise, of his/her login credentials to the Platform Manager who will immediately notify the Europol Security Officer as well as the other Platform Managers

Content management and responsibilities

The EPE is managed by Europol. Information made available on the EPE is therefore subject to Europol’s legal framework and the processing of this data must be within Europol’s objective.

The EPE portal on the internet is intended for the sharing of knowledge and best practices and for facilitating communication between law Enforcement experts. The current core functionalities include amongst others:

  • the Email Notifications where a user can subscribe to a blog, message forum and the wiki to receive an email notification when new content is published. Site managers can view and subscribe their members to specific items of interest (blog, message forum categories, wiki). Members of EPE can view all their subscriptions and unsubscribe from the 'Manage My Account' panel.*
  • the Library where all kinds of files (documents, pictures, videos) can be uploaded and shared within your expert community;
  • the Message Forum where users can ask questions and discuss issues with other members of the community. The forum can be organised into different categories and allows other members of the expert community to interact via comments;
  • the Blog where users publish news, promote events and/or announce changes to an expert community. It is an ideal tool for sharing opinions on specific topics. The blog allows inserting a short abstract for each announcement. Users who are subscribed to the Blog will receive a notification on their email containing the abstract and the link to the post. The content in the blog cannot include personal data and/or classified information.
  • the Calendar where users can schedule events, meetings or other relevant dates within a community;
  • the Wiki where users build together a knowledge base within their expert community. The wiki is often used to build and maintain up to date information on the situation of countries or units participating in a working group or another initiative supported by the online community.

The private messaging allows sending a private message to one or more members. An email notification is sent to the recipient(s) who must log in to the EPE web platform to see the content of the message.

The mailing list functionality is another feature that allows site managers only to send an email to all members of the platform. The content in the email cannot include personal data and/or classified information.

Prohibited use/ content

  • You may not use the EPE to process personal data except for names or contact details of experts in the field (with the consent of the concerned person) and information from a public source unchanged and without any interpretation (in this case the source of the information must be clearly indicated);
  • You may not publish unacceptable content such as unauthorised or classified information, unauthorised copies of copyrighted material or hyperlinks to unauthorised copies or copyrighted material, hyperlinks to inappropriate content of other websites, passwords to other websites, incorrect information or offensive content.
  • You may not disseminate any information contained in the portal to unauthorised persons.
  • You must not introduce malicious programs into the network or server (e.g.: viruses, worms, Trojan horses, email bombs, etc.), unless it is within the scope of the platform and in accordance with the relevant procedures.
  • You must not perform malicious activities carried out against the portal such as unauthorised vulnerability scanning, and web application attacks such as password hacking, denial of service, SQL injection, buffer overflow, cross-site scripting, etc.
  • Commercial usage of the platform is forbidden.


Your personal data

  • You are required to complete your profile on the EPE and, by requesting an account, you are considered to have implicitly provided consent to your own personal information (such as name and contact details), contained in your profile, being published in EPE.
  • For the purpose of managing and keeping up to date the user base of the Member State/Third Party in question, User Authorisers of EPE may request a listing of all the platforms/sub-sites every user regsitered in their respective country has access to.

Login data & password renewal

  • You will receive an email notification one week before your password expires and another email notification once your password has expired.Your password expires every 13 weeks.
  • Your last login date to EPE is viewable by the Site Managers of all sites you have a membership to.

Copyright issues

  • It is your responsibility to ascertain that the content you publish on the EPE does not constitute a copyright infringement.
  • You agree that your original content may be assumed to be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Therefore, under normal circumstances users are free to copy, distribute, adapt and transmit your work non-commercially as long as they credit the owner and license their new creations under identical terms. However, if under special circumstances this is not permitted, this must be clearly indicated on the material posted. In any such exceptional cases, users must comply with such notifications.

Deactivation of account

  • Your account may be deactivated: if there is suspicion of a compromised account, if you are no longer active in the field, if you request deactivation, misconduct or if you do not use your account.
  • Your account may be deactivated if you do not verify your email account and change your password after having been requested to do so.
  • Your account will be automatically deactivated if inactive for a period of 2 years or longer.

Europol members (only)

  • You may publish only such information which is subject to the Europol basic protection level and to which no classification level has been assigned: ‘Europol Unclassified – Basic Protection Level’ and Europol Public Information. NO other Europol information may be processed.
  • Any failure to comply with your obligations under Article 88 Europol Staff Regulations/ Article 86 EC Staff Regulations or under the Europol Council Decision, whether intentionally or through negligence shall make you liable to disciplinary action.

Usage of the Instant Messaging

Each EPE user has access to an Instant Messaging solution separately from the EPE web platform. Only EPE users can make use of the Instant Messaging solution.

Notwithstanding the separation of the Instant Messaging solution from the EPE web platform, the intended use remains identical to EPE.

A user can only initiate a communication with another user with whom s/he shares at least membership to one platform.

Europol does not provide for specific software to use instant messaging. If instant messaging is not supported by their corporate computer, users are invited to make use of their own device and install appropriate software.

The Instant Messaging communication is encrypted by default based on the solution implementation. Peer to peer encryption which might be available via the IM client is prohibited to be used. Use of peer to peer encryption will be considered unacceptable use of the EPE.

* The latest amendments to the EPE Terms and Conditions are derived from the EPE Use and Management policy. They are highlighted in yellow for the users'convenience.